" No dicky for Vicky! "

—Vicky, Android Master Race

Vicky is the most recent addition to Android Master Race. She holds the title of "Jester" and is labeled as "The Funny One".


Vicky is a very down to earth and loving girl. There's hardly a situation she can't manage to find the light in and is always there to support you and make you laugh. She does have a chaotic evil side that she hides in the shadows and only comes out when she's in the right mood. She's very jolly, but has a more vulgar sense of humor and will commonly be seen calling Gray a cunt. It's all in good fun though! Most of the time you'll catch her laughing and having a good time. She's easy to get along with and amazing with conversation.

She's been mistreated and taken advantage of by others but that doesn't stop her from having an open heart towards others. She's supportive and probably the most mature in amr. Loud, fun, and excitable, Vicky is the person to be friends with everyone and seems to care very much about her friends. She's always supporting them and thinking about them.


My dad sucks so I'm here writing about my life on the Internet.