" Sleep, walk with me! "

—Ruth, Android Master Race

Ruth is the leader of Android Master Race. She conducts the master scheme of everything.


Ruth has curly dark brown hair, which may be seen straightened frequently. She has brown eyes and her skin is usually slightly tanned. Ruth is often seen wearing reds and pinks and consistently paints her nails with this color.


Ruth is mischievous, selfish and stubborn. She gets easily annoyed at others. She will not hesitate to cut a bitch. She is brutally honest and blunt. She does not hold back. Ruth is also very intelligent and good at strategy. She is musically attuned. She is skillful and passionate about playing the baritone saxophone. Her interests besides music include ghosts and Kanan Matsuura.

Though she may seem intimidating at first glance, she defends the people she cares about like there's no tomorrow. It's difficult for her to find people who genuinely don't annoy her, but if you happen to be one of those people then she will love you with all her heart! She's sneaky and fun and finds lots of things to laugh about. Ruth is very open and social and loves forming friendships with people. She's very original and genuine and truly irreplaceable!

Her emotions can run very strong and she has a large desire for love and affection. Contradictory to that, she's quite spiteful. Regardless of that, she's very easy to get along with once you get to know her and is just here for a good time.


She comes from a wealthy background. She struggles with making friends, due to her aloof nature. Her education has been a major part of her life, considering she does her best at getting good grades.