" When I was in kindergarten, I got stung by 17 bullet ants! "

—Max, Android Master Race

Madman Max is the foreign member of Android Master Race.


Max has short black hair which always has this stupid bit on the left that sticks up no matter how much he gels it down. He has brown eyes and a light contrasting complexion, though he aquires a classic Aussie tan in the warmer months of the year. He also has a lot of freckles, although undeniably his most prominent feature is his large, black glasses which give the impression that you would find him at a GSA meetup.

Max tends to wear the same set of clothes for consecutive days in the winter, especially when stuck inside. However if he isn't wearing his pajamas or that one ugly tokyo ghoul shirt he got in his weeaboo prime then he's probably just in a school uniform that you might mistake for 70s best-man attire.


Max is very optimistic, kind and basically the invert of Gray. He cares so much for his friends, and easily makes them! He tends to be really worrisome and can lack confidence. He is a little insecure about himself. He doesn't handle well with refusing people and dislikes being rude. He tends to be a bit of a pushover. He acts very modestly. He is very creative and artistic. He does his best at everything he is talented at.

Max is easily the purest in amr. It's super hard to bring him down and he sees hope in every situation! He always seems to know the right thing to say to cheer people up and keeps his positive attitude prominent in everything he does. His improvement in art and editing are very impressive and he is very passionate about his hobbies. He has to deal with more than he deserves, but nothing seems to effect his positive outlook and his strive to succeed.

He cares about his friends and loved ones to an extreme extent and gets emotional about them quite often. His kindness may be mistaken for naivety. He always expresses how he wants to be there for his mutuals and checks up on them pretty often, thus he is very loved by everyone who knows him.


Max comes from the land down under. To cut a long story short he has mummy issues and went through a horrific weeaboo phase.

Also there was this one guy called Nathan, fuck you Nathan