" Bitch what the fuck "

—Leonna, Android Master Race

Leonna is another co-founder of Android Master Race.


Leonna is a slim and rather lanky girl. She has porcelain skin with frequent bruises and her eyebrows don't like to show up in photos but she swears that they're there.

She has medium length light brown hair. She used to straighten it but has grown to love the natural curliness of it. When she's cold she likes to wear it down so she can hide her face in it.

She doesn't put much effort into her attire. Though she likes to stay natural, people still seem to find her attractive and call her cute. She hates makeup and never wears it. For some reason feels more comfortable when she's wearing less.

Some other notable features about her would be her grey-blue colored eyes, freckles, and harshly bitten nails. She makes an effort to always smell good. She is attached to her phone and is never seen without it.


Leonna is very compassionate and is very caring for her friends. She can get nervous at times, but overall she sticks up for what she believes in. She can be very analytical and opinionated, thus she sees the defined details in things and defends the things she cares about like her life depends on it. She is a realist and looks at the world in a truthful, neutral manner. Sometimes she lets the anger inside of her fester and she can get aggressive (Surprisingly more than Gray).


Leonna has a tragic backstory. She's experienced loss in many different ways and it's left her much different than she used to be.

To summarize, fuck Stefanie Ina Allen

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