" Waiting for my dad to come home so I can prank him! "

Gray, Android Master Race

Gray is the co-Founder of Android Master Race. His name backward is YARG


Gray is an extremely skinny young man. However, he does attempt to do push-ups once in awhile.

His hair is, what appears to be a deep ash brown color and extremely soft to the touch. It's versatile and seems to have a mind of its own, but the best way to define it would be wavy and wild. For the most part, it's as contradicting as his personality is.

He has dark circles under his eyes from lack of sleep and he rarely has acne. It's also worth noting that he has shockingly soft skin.

He can usually be seen wearing a black hoodie and appears to put no effort into dressing nicely although he has stated multiple times that he would much rather wear the clothes of rich kids.

A lot of people seem to find him to be incredibly attractive for some reason.


Gray is a selfish, apathetic, yet charming young fellow. He can play the role of a charismatic person when you first meet him. He is kind sometimes, but he is usually just trying to use you. However, you might get lucky and be close friends with him He is very popular among the ladies yet he doesn't seem to understand why. Deep inside, he is self-aware and suffers from a low-key superiority complex. He believes he is worth much more and treats himself like a king or a god. He speaks maturely and in a formal manner.

His thoughts and emotions are pretty mixed up, to say the least, leaving him rather inconsistent and quite frankly a mess. Whether it's physically or mentally, it's hard to truly understand what's going on with him. He's practically the definition of a walking contradiction, but he's loved regardless. He seems to enjoy praise and support even if he doesn't know how to respond to it and thrives on power and spitng the people who have wronged him.

He is also extraordinarily pessimistic. He constantly states that the negative aspects of people are more prominent than the positives and have more of an impact on others. Because of this he tends to have a dull outlook on people and the world in general. He vents about topics like these quite often.

Though he may not like to admit it, he does have positive aspects. He's reliable and dependable if you happen to be someone he cares about, and on top of that, he's very funny and easy going, even if he is a little dead inside.


God, even Gray doesn't know.

Basically, dude got daddy issues and he can't remember the rest. Also, there's some dude named Steve.