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Android Master Race History

Android Master Race, founded by Ruth (Ruru), Gray (gay), and Leonna (lele) on November 23rd, 2016.

On one fateful night, Instagram user @komaenami (leonna) was posting about her favorite Tumblr blog, komaedalovemail. After laughing over a few quotes and screenshots, Ruth commented about how funny she found everything and how much she too loved Komaeda Love Mail. The two continued to post and laugh about it and Leonna eventually started tagging Gray in posts too, as she remembered that he was Komaeda kin at the time. Things escalated pretty quickly as the three noticed that they got along really well, and the continued to create a group chat. Ruth began to tell the story of her and Bari Buddy, her love interest and talked about how Gray had trolled him by texting him. Screenshots were sent, and one of the quotes in particular stuck out to us. "Android master race bitch." They immediately made that their group chat name, and that's where it all began.

At that time, Gray was still close with his other friend group. Android Master Race typically has daily rabbit calls since its something that Ruth's parents can't track, and Claire and Axel would come in and out of chats frequently. That was, until Ruth got fed up and called out Claire on her roast account for being a fakey snakey. Many people agreed with her points, tensions rose, and a lot of things happened. They eventually got completely fed up with the both Axel and Claire after they did some horrible things, and they were called out. Gray was upset, to say the least, and Ruth and Leonna were by his side defending him. Probably the most memorable moment from this time was Leonna's Claire to snake plot twist roast. Since then, Axel and Claire have been labeled as notorious AMR enemies.

At first, amr was very lenient with who they let in. Ruth wanted to make the group as large as possible and new members were initiated through a kink test. People like Fitz, Mika, and Hunter were added along with many others. What wasn't expected is that there would be so much drama when you have so many people. More specifically with Hunter. At the time, Hunter was very obsessive and saw Leonna as an FP. It freaked her out to a large point and made her extremely anxious. While that was happening, Fitz was seeking help and comfort from the rest of AMR. He was being neglected by his boyfriend and everyone else tried to give him the best advice possible. Time passed, and Fitz suddenly turned on AMR. He spewed things about us being toxic and warping his mind.

This was about the point where we all realized that having a big group isn't the best idea, and it was closed off again to just Ruth, Gray, and Leonna.

There was also someone named Lance. He forced himself into the group very quickly and made everyone generally uncomfortable. Not only AMR, but Miu's group too. Everyone decided to hard block him all at once and he threw a big fit about it. To this day, he's quite the big icon in AMR history and is brought up pretty often.
Android Master Race

Android Master Race

The trio felt more secure not having that large group of people around any more, but they still felt as if the group was rather incomplete. They began hypothesizing and suggesting people. Leonna suggested Max, but he wasn't added until later. What Ruth and Gray believed was needed was someone who wouldn't be easily offended and wouldn't go ratting the things that were discussed to other people.

The group finally decided to add Max. For a while he felt a little out of place and distant compared to the rest of the members, but it wasn't long before he warmed up and became very comfortable and happy around everyone! Vicky, who had been a casual friend throughout the entire Atsushi situation, was going through some issues at the time. She was being mistreated by her significant other, Charlie, and was finally able to make things right in her situation and distanced herself from them for good. Ruth and Vicky became QPPs and Ruth almost immediately added her to the group. Gray and Leonna weren't close with her, but they all clicked very fast and their bonds seemed to get stronger every time they talked. Some time after the Claire drama, Abby was added to Android Master Race as well. She joined some rabbit calls, but didn't seem too invested and eventually drifted.

At that time they were all pretty close with Miki, who was also effected by the Claire drama since she was a fellow Mikan kin. Her boyfriend, Josh, was caught cheating and they all took sympathy and did everything they could to help her out. Leonna especially was upset about this and made several callout posts about him and the entire situation. Ruth, Gray, Vic, And Max were pretty heated too and did everything they could to comfort her and give advice. She was added to AMR as a consequence of this. Shortly after she was added, she made up with her boyfriend. She remained in AMR but we were all cautious of her from that moment on. Eventually she proved herself to be a snake and she was immediately kicked.

Max and Abby seemed to be pretty close to each other, but the majority of AMR agreed that she seemed to be getting distant and was trying hard to fit in with other friend groups. We created another chat apart from her and eventually she was removed for good.

A lot of time later, the group decided to have AMR tryouts again. They set up a call and Gray made a post asking about who should be added to the call. He decided that Angie and Kennie were the best out of the bunch that commented, and commenced to add them. They seemed to get along well for a while until Angie sent "@rurukaando is a pedophile" to a confessions blog and sent Korekiyo to Henry to purposefully trigger them. It's unknown whether or not Kennie was truly affiliated with these actions or if she just took some of the blame for Angie. This caused loads of drama, and Ruth especially got pissed since Angie kept acting like it was AMR's decision and that she was a part of AMR. They were eventually able to fix the damage that Angie had caused and settled everything nicely. They also made it official that Angie and Kennie were not fit for AMR.From the moment they were all officially together, the quintet of Ruth, Gray, Leonna, Max, and Vicky have stuck together through thick and thin. The group is extremely cautious now and isn't really keen on letting anyone else into Android Master Race, since every time they did it has always ended in nothing but disaster. The five of them have gone through a lot together and have a very strong, unbreakable bond with each other. They're practically each other's worlds! And it's believed that they can all agree that they are the best people they have met. They have loads of future plans set with each other and plan to stick together for as long as possible.

This is the Android Master Race, Bitch!